Low temperature version

Low temperature version: extended operating range for ILW Series

. The low-temperature version is an optional feature available for the ILW series. Below is key information on this enhanced feature:

Optional equipment for ILW series:

. A low-temperature version is available as an optional accessory for the ILW series. It offers an extended temperature range, which is a significant extension of functionality.

Order number: */T:

. To use this option, we recommend that you select the order number */T (* - the model for which the option is being ordered) to guarantee delivery of the unit in a low-temperature version. This option is only available at the time of ordering for new units.

Extended temperature range:

The low-temperature version allows the unit to operate in a lower temperature range than the standard. This allows the user to take advantage of a range from -10°C, increasing the unit's flexibility for various applications.

Customize the device to suit your needs:

This option allows the unit to be adapted to specific requirements and specific workflows, which is particularly important when storing substances that require lower temperatures. The low-temperature version is the perfect solution for users who need to extend the storage temperature range in their laboratories.