h2> Castors: Mobility and Flexibility in the Storage Area. Our castors are essential standard equipment for the ZL-T, ST/CHL 1200, 1450, CL/IL/SL/SR 400, 750, 1000, ILW 240 and KK. They not only provide mobility, but also flexibility in the storage area, allowing the equipment to be easily moved. Below is the key information on these practical castors:

Standard equipment for selected series:

Castors are standard equipment on the ZL-T/ST/CHL 1200, 1450, CL/IL/SL/SR 400, 750, 1000, ILW 240 and KK. They are an indispensable component for larger machines and ensure easy mobility.

Optional equipment for other types of equipment:

Castors are also available as optional equipment for all other types of unit. This is a flexible solution that allows you to tailor the configuration of the unit to your individual needs.

Order number: QLK: *

To use this option, we recommend that you select order number QLK*, which guarantees delivery of the running wheels. This option is only available at the time of ordering for new equipment.

Required for larger appliances:

For larger units, castors are an essential accessory and are therefore supplied as standard. For other units, optional castor equipment is available on request. Caster wheels are a practical solution that makes the equipment easier to handle, especially during routine laboratory cleaning and hygiene operations. By using castors, the equipment can be easily moved. The castors are not used for transporting or moving the equipment out of the laboratory room.