Battery backup for display

Display Maintenance (BPP 12): Providing Continuous Access to Information

. The display back-up option (BPP 12) provides a practical solution to maintain access to information even in the event of power loss. Below are details of this feature:

Order number: BPP 12

. To use the option to keep the display working, please select the corresponding order number: BPP 12. This option is only available when placing an order for new equipment.


. Display back-up (BPP 12) is a solution to keep the display running even when the main power supply is not available. This is particularly useful to ensure that information is always available, even when other power sources are unavailable.


. We equip ZLN-UT units with battery backup as standard, meaning that it is an integral part of these particular models. It is available as an optional extra for all other unit types (except SIMPLE and CHS models).


It ensures that information is always available on the display even in the event of a sudden power failure. It helps to maintain continuous monitoring and surveillance of the device, even in emergency situations.

Practical Use:

. This option is particularly practical in laboratories, where the monitoring of instrument performance is crucial for ongoing experiments or tests.

Emergency power supply for the display:

The BPP 12 is a kind of emergency power supply for the display to keep it running for a set period of time. The display back-up option (BPP 12) is a practical solution that ensures constant access to information, even in the event of unforeseen power interruptions.